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lavinia wilsons chocolates
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Lavinia Wilsons Chocolates are one of the UK’s leading organic fresh Chocolatiers, having sourced some of the worlds rarest chocolates, we are now excited to create and share this experience with our customers…

“Some people say I have the best job in the world.. I think they are right!” :p

We have a small team and we are all very passionate about chocolate making…
About Me
“I love chocolate!.. of course, but more than that I love creating something special and sharing it with others. I am very passionate about delivering  amazing chocolates that will really wow people, that’s why most of our chocolates are made to order so that our customers have the benefit of the superior flavour that fresh chocolates bring.”

What makes our chocolates special?
Our organic chocolates are ethically sourced from The Congo and we have partnered up with Original Beans, who run a conservation project to protect the last of the mountain Gorillas in Virunga Park, we are very proud to be able to support this and help spread the word.

Our Ingredients?
All our ingredients are organic with the exception of the edible flower decoration on two of our chocolates.

Dietary Requirements?
Our chocolates are all free from gluten and soya and there is no soya lecithin in our chocolates.

If you require a free from nut box we can do this order, please contact me at the time of purchase through email or by phone.

We offer a variety of party essentials – from organic champagne to rose petals for scattering to beautiful cards. We don’t just make great Chocolates.. we deliver a magical experience!

Feel free to get in touch if you have any special requests or questions call 02031961779 or email .

“We want every customer to feel like a Queen!”